Friday, 29 January 2016

AUSTRALIAN TITLES 1965 (stills and 5 minute VIDEO)

Ron Taylor, Peter Kemp before event.


Ron Taylor speared this coral trout

Ron Taylor with new boat and new outboard

John Gillies handing out USFA jackets

John Gillies makes a speech

Maroochdore, Queensland was the venue for 1965 -1966 Australian Championship.  Australian champion Ron Taylor (also the current CMAS World Champion) was defeated by Peter Kemp.  Taylor's error was, he said  "not spearing a common Red Morwong early in the competition". (Ron felt there was no great hurry  he'd 'pick one up' later.  This was not going to be possible.  None were to be seen later in the day - then it was too late).

Peter Kemp

 Laurie Ledwell

John Black (Sans Souci Dolphins)

Val Taylor accepting a USFA jacket

VIDEO runs 5 minutes

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