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Tuesday, 24 May 2016



Sthenurus ("strong tail") is an extinct genus of kangaroos. With a length around 3 m (10 ft), some species were twice as large as modern extant species.

c                          Valerie Taylor (1973) at the first Australian Underwater Film Festival.
                                                      (sponsored by Fathom magazine)

'SAVAGE SHADOWS' Full movie. By Henri Bource (1966)

PART ONE Savage Shadows

Savage Shadows Part 2 features a recreation of Henri's ordeal.

Three members. Shark Bite club. (1964) 

                                            Movie poster Savage Shadows by Henri Bource.

                                               Henri with Raymond Short (from the film)
Savage Snap.  Henri and Ron filmed the first White shark simultaneously. One was underwater in a cage (in rough conditions) the other was filming from a duck board.