Saturday, 13 May 2017


The first Great white to be saved by Australian divers - at a time when the species was poorly understood and years before JAWS was written and the movie made.  Ron Taylor took a very calculated risk - saving a shark that may have been one of the two (or more) which could have yet did not attack him when he fell into the sea the previous night.  An act of kindness being repaid.

This footage was re-discovered in 2017 and music added for this memorial to both Ron and the shark he spared.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

THE CORAL SEA in 1964 "Slaughter at Saumarez"

Filmed by Ron Taylor.  No room aboard for a girl so Valerie remained in Yeppoon QLD. This was during early October 1964.  Film was released in theatres one year later as part of a three film programme titled "Ron Taylor's Shark Fighters".

Lower panel is a still pictures (only) version from the same trip incorporating part of the film soundtrack.  Some pictures do not quite match the commentary - intentional for light humor.



"Skindiving Paradise" Ron and Val Taylor at Heron Island QLD in the early 1960s.

Five Movietone titles filmed by Ron Taylor pre 1965