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Monday, 18 November 2019

Australian Championships December 1965

 Sweet victory for Peter Kemp beating Ron Taylor - both attended the World Championship just a few months before in French Polynesia (won by Ron).  Stills from 16mm film.
The Little King (John Gillies) saying something important.

 Ron Taylor - his last spearing competition.

Ron boats a Coral Trout during the competition.

 Ron Taylor and Peter Kemp

 John Black (foreground)  Vic Ley in centre

'SAUMAREZ REEF' (film) Captain Wally Muller

Wally Muller stopped commercial fishing in 1967 and swapped Riversong for life as a charter boat skipper.  Wally is remembered today by Mullers Reef named in his memory in The Swain Reefs.

 Screen grabs from Saumarez Reef.  Shark killing is not featured in this 2019 edition.

Add caption Helmet shell which failed to survive the rough trip home.

US Liberty ship 'Francis Preston Blair' went aground at Saumarez Reef during a cyclone near the end of WW2.

(The bronze propeller was later salvaged by Australian commercial divers who may have been alerted when the film was first released in 1965).

Rear deck gun was standard armory on Liberty ships.

 Explosion hole probably caused by RAAF aircraft (who owned the wreck).

 200 foot visibility on the weather side of the reef. Zangari with a Blue spot trout.
Wally trolling early morning

Riversong in Ross Creek, Yeppoon where there are huge tidal variations.

Red Bass was filleted and mixed with other fillets.

  Dog tooth tuna are common at Saumarez around the deep bommies that almost touch the surface.

 Wally on Riversong at work filleting the catch of the day.