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Sunday, 19 January 2020

RON ISBELL - Author Meets Jaws project

                                        Ron Isbell in 1971 for Fathom magazine (Australia)

  Ron Isbell and Ron Zangari up top. Peter Benchley at bow.

            Peter Benchley (Jaws author) met the real jaw underwater at Sykes Reef with Ron Isbell.  

                                                      (photo supplied by Scott Ransom).


                           Captain Ron Isbell, whose expertise underwater attracted Tiger sharks. 

                                                                (Photo by Scott Ransom)

Second UW cameraman John Harding (Assisting Stan Waterman Photo by Scott Ransom.


Yellowtail Kingfish this size were common in the era before floating traps decimated the entire east coast stock. John Barlow (PtHacking) at Seal Rocks in 1964.
Wally Gibbins (sometimes mis-spelled Wally Gibbons)

Glen Preece of Sea Hornet equipment (2004)

Tom Byron - aboard Auriga Bay (1983)
Sister and brother from the Snorkel-In Dive Shop, Sydney.

Val (in an unusual for her yellow wet suit) appearing in a for-cinema's cigarette commercial (not released) in 1967.  Featuring extinct kangaroo remains from The Pines, Mt.Gambier  South Australia.  Thirty crew were involved in the production being filmed in 35mm.  The big boss from overseas apparently did not like the theme devised by Sydney's leading advertising agency.

Early dive on the Dunbar - pre wet suits.  Wal Gibbins with a double tank.
(From 35mm newsreel film courtesy Don Linklater)

Coral trout in The Coral Sea at Avon Islands (1971) 


Split Solitary Island, cuttlefish with Chrissie Craker.
Same whale shark above and below).  Exmouth Western Australia.

Still featured in the Valerie Taylor documentary for 2021, by John Harding in 1967.